Yuson Hawaiian Kenpo in Oak Harbor, Ohio is under the direction of Master Jeff Behm. 
Master Behm is a 6th Degree Black Belt in the art of Kajukenbo Karate, and has trained under 8th Degree Black Belt Professor Vern Blevins since 1979.   Yuson Hawaiian Kenpo is a branch of the Kajukenbo Syatem founded by Sijo Adriano Emperado. 
This branch teaches the Kajukenbo concept developed by the late Professor Jerry Yuson.

The dojo is located 1/2 mile west of Oak Harbor at 11859 State Route 105.

Adult Class (ages 14 - adult) Tuesday & Thursday, 6:30 - 8:15 pm
Kids Class (ages 8 - 15) Tuesday & Thursday 5:15 - 6:15 pm

Adults - $50.00 / month          Kids - $40.00 / month
Private Lessons - $30 / hour
Women's Self Defense Class - available upon request
For more information contact Master Jeff Behm at

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